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Experience the fascinating underwater world of the deep sea. Look for precious minerals, complete many missions, build an underwater base and compete with other players. Therefore you will have to supply your submarine with weapons, plating and the latest technologies. Joining an alliance will help to achieve common aims much faster. Read more about the action browser game Deepolis.

Deepolis is a free to play browsergame settled in the deep sea. Plunge into the sea and discover a fascinating and unknown world in the gloomy deep sea. Experience action packed fights, use trading systems and clan-territories, discover trade routes and hostile bases.

You will discover the depths of the ocean in real-time and you will have to conquer and settle them. The early bird catches the worm and will be in a position to choose the best position for his naval base.

You will get your own submarine to discover the underwater world. Look for new unexplored territories and precious raw materials. Perform several quests to win gold to buy munitions or new weapons such as dephts charges, sea mines, torpedos or flares. Furthermore you can improve the plating of your submarines or you can buy a superclass-submarine such as Tiburon X, Cargo X, Patron X or Warmaran. It will be much more fun to discover the deep sea with these submarines, as you may take advantage of the ambushes of your enemies.

Collect precious minerals in the deep sea to sell them at a high price on one of the unterwater trading bases. If you have built your own base in the deep sea, completed some quests and improved your submarine technically and militarily, it is time to join an alliance. Together you may complete heavy missions successfully and destroy hostile submarines much faster. Furthermore you will be in a position to win mass battles in the deep sea faster with the help of your allies. Always bear in mind that war rages in the deep sea of Deepolis, and that only the strongest and most clever players will survive! Are you a winner?

While playing Deepolis you will have to use the mouse for navigation and the keyboard to control the weapons and the defence mechanism. Deepolis offers to you a lot of fun and the possibility to discover a fascinating underwater world. Lets start a new adventure in the gloomy depths of Deepolis.

More Features of Deepolis

  • Free to play
  • Play now against thousands of real players
  • Lots of action and fun
  • Experience a world of adventure and gaming fun

A deadly war rages on between 3 confederations. Take the plunge and face the dangers of the briny deep as a sub commander.

Deepolis – DEATH LURKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN! A deadly war rages on between 3 confederations. Take the plunge and face the dangers of the briny deep as a sub commander. Play Deepolis online for free.

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