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When having a perfekt strategy a player can always meet a target. If he is playing a browsergame it is much more difficult to achieve an aim as it isnt possible to start again from the beginning or to jump to a saved score because he is playing a real time game. The following strategy browsergames are really challenging as he has to face thousands of other players. These browsergames are all free and can be played online without downloading any software. There is a special thrill when building an own world, a village, a company or an army and to deal with other players either in computer games or online. It needs a lot of time to play a whole strategy game so that every player has long-standing fun.
Due to the development of the internet and to new technics it is possible to play such strategy games online against thousands of other players. Everybody has to find a perfect strategy to win as he is no longer playing against a computer.
The great variety of strategy games on the internet grows every month, so that everyone has the possibility to find an interesting browsergame. Lets go, become a strategist and play against thousands of human disputants in one of these free strategy browsergames.

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