The West

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The free role playing game The West will take you right back to the time of the Wild West. You can become a bounty hunter, trade with indians, build a town, look for undiscovered areas, dig for gold, fight against other cowboys, chase for coyotes and much more. Perform heavy missions and survive dangerous adventures. All that and even more will be offered to you by the role playing game The West, it was the browsergame of the year 2008! Read more about the WildWest RPG The West.

In the free role playing and adventure game The West you are a heroe in a western of former times. When playing The West, exciting adventures, action and fun are surely guaranteed. An easy handling and a tutorial for beginners will make it very easy to play this role playing browsergame.

The heroe of each player will have to find his own fortune and gain a lot of gold in the Wild West. You will have to face many dangerous adventures to improve the skills of your avatar. The more points you will gain, the merrier the skills of your heroe will increase. Possible skills may be vigor, durability, endurance, existence points, riding, reflex, avoiding, hiding, swimming, sighting, shooting, falling, repairing, tactics, trading and many more to be improved. Just look for appropriate missions and adventures to improve the individual skills of your hero.

Missions may be easy, such as harvesting maize, or heavy if you will have to free a ranch from coyotes. In this case you will have to target and shoot very accurately, as there may be no second chance if you don not hit your enemy immediately.

You dont want to harvest maize? Then you may to the next city and visit the saloon. After drinking one or two glasses of whiskey, it may be possible that you will have to face a duel with another cowboy. The two duelists will meet on the road to solve problems by shooting! While playing the free browsergame The West you are in a position to challenge each player to a duel. But you should learn how to target and to shoot before your first duel! Your reward for winning such a duel will be very high, as the winner will get one third of the loosers cash.

If you would like to be a powerful mogul, you may even build your own city while playing the browsergame The West! Once you have built your own town, you may invite other player and you will get a certain amount for each inhabitant. You are the mayor as well as the sheriff of your own town. If you have what it takes, then lets go!

Of course you may explore undiscovered land at any time while playing The West. Maybe you will even find a gold mine, a ghost town or an indian tribe to trade with.
The free online role playing game The West offers you a lot of possibilities to develop, to discover new things or to build something together with other players. Dive into the Wild West and play The West now!

More Features of The West

  • Free to play
  • No client download
  • Browsergame
  • Role Play Game
  • Wild West
  • Individual character development
  • Strategically challenging multiplayer battles
  • Easy interaction with other players
  • Exciting quests
  • Over 19.000.000 registered players

Discover new land and experience exciting adventures and duels!
The West is waiting for you!

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