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Rising Cities

Browser Game by bigpoint

Welcome to Rising Cities, your brand new home. Rise to the ranks of international mayor star. Show your strategic and managerial ingenuity by implementing tactical planning measures, allocating materials shrewdly and maintaining a keen eye for the well-being of your populace.

Create healthy living spaces for your residents, collect rent and invest in industry, power generation plants, transportation systems and a plethora of additional constructions essential for a flourishing metropolis. Just like a real city, your online metropolis requires a vast amount of resources and energy.

Develop stable industry by producing a broad portfolio of goods to use to expand your city’s borders or engage in trade with other mayors.

The residents of Rising Cities demand more than just steel and concrete in the place they call home. Stay abreast of all the needs of your residents to gain both favor and finance. Start your mayoral journey to the top of the civic charts today. Your city needs you!

Rising Cities: Plan, construct, trade, grow!
Rising Cities, the free-to-play urban development and strategy game.

In Rising Cities, the new free game for your browser, it’s all about power, finances, strategy and urban development. In Rising Cities, get a city started and maybe even turn it into a metropolis! And it’s all totally free!

Rising Cities: Become the Most Powerful Mayor
Gold rush mentality in Rising Cities! Everyone wants a piece of the free game cake so they can build a bustling metropolis. The free game Rising Cities lets you prove your skills as a sharp strategist and manager.

Strategy and Planning
Even in the free game Rising Cities, getting to the top is long and arduous. Only with proper planning, good resource management and a consciousness for the well-being of your citizens will you become a powerful Rising Cities tycoon.

Create living spaces for your Rising Cities citizens, collect their rent and use your free game money to develop industry, power plants, infrastructure and lots of other buildings that are necessary to make your free game city thrive.

Industry and Trade
Just like a real a city, your free game metropolis will need heaps of resources and energy to run properly. Develop a crisis-proof industry in Rising Cities to produce all kinds of different goods. Use the goods to continue to build your metropolis, or trade with other free game players at the market place.

Balance is Everything
In Rising Cities, be sure to keep balance between the things your citizens want and the things your free game city needs. The citizens of Rising Cities don’t want to live in a bleak, boring landscape. Stay in tune with the needs of your city slickers to win their favor and keep your pockets full!

Enjoy the feel of power and wealth in the free game Rising Cities. Build the most successful thriving metropolis of all the free game cities!
Play Rising Cities – Guide your city from humble beginnings to a booming metropolis.

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