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Cute pandas, gorgeous gorillas, hyperactive meerkats, and cuddly polar bear babies, welcome to Zoomumba! In Bigpoints latest casual game, its easy to fall in love with the zoo animals looking up at you with their big bright eyes. In Zoomumba, players focus on creating the best zoo around, striving to satisfy zoo visitors and keep their animals happy by tending to them and their virtual habitats.

As zoo directors, players are responsible for making sure their animals are healthy and happy. They have to provide food and water, and must call a vet if their animals get sick. Happy and healthy ani-mals help the zoo attract more visitors, which increases the zoos popularity, and makes it more suc-cessful. Players can also customize and expand their zoos by adding special animal habitats, conces-sion stands, and decorations, including trees, fountains, and statues. Hard-working zoo directors can level up in no time at all. Zoomumba offers a friendly community and intuitive gameplay, making it a pleasure to play for experienced or inexperienced players alike.

Scores of social community features
Users dont play Zoomumba alone but with a large community of players. Thanks to functions such as "FacebookConnect" and "Post-to-Wall", they can send small gifts and e-cards to friends. A variety of collaborative quests and a vote for the prettiest zoo also encourages a strong sense of community. In the future, players will also be able to chat with each other via an in-game chat. The social community features will be incorporated into the game throughout the course of the Open Beta.

Impressive graphics and authentic sounds
Thanks to a combination of Flash AS3 and PHP, a lively animated game world that doesnt require sophisticated hardware, software or special system specifications was created. The game can be played on any conventional PC with an Internet connection and can be scaled to low-performance computers. Its whimsical and uncomplicated gameplay will appeal to all ages, and Zoomumba – like all other Bigpoint games – can be played for free and with no download required.

More Features of Zoomumba

  • Free to play
  • No client download
  • Browsergame
  • Many quests
  • You can buy animal habitats in the shop and then place them on your zoo to have them built.
  • Click on the habitat and then buy an animal. Make sure to specify whether you want a male or female animal. Once you have both male and female animals in your exhibit, they can have baby animals!
  • Take care of your animals and give them what they need to make them happy. Go ahead, give it a try!
  • Connect your animal habitats and attractions with pathways, so that your visitors can walk around and see the park.
  • The shop is your one-stop store for everything: meat, fruit, grass – you name it, they have got it!
  • From level 2 on, you can also buy buildings and booths in the shop. These items will increase the popularity of your zoo. Profits made from the sale of admission tickets can be picked up at the zoo entrance.
  • The more visitors who come to your zoo, the more garbage will be generated. Keep your zoo clean and your visitors happy by picking up the litter!
  • The happier your visitors are, the better your rating on the Zoo-O-Meter will be. Build the best zoo of all time. Have fun!

Zoomumba – the totaly crazy zoo browser game.

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