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goalunited PRO is a football management simulation with unique game depth that creates long term motivation like no other management game. A very detailed and complex match calculation creates realism without compromise.

As manager and coach in one person you take on the role of the allmighty club chef. The intuitive handling and the easy game start reveal a realistic simulation with game depth that allows only the real football pros to reach the top. You are responsible for the develop-ment of the stadium into an adventure arena, as well as sponsor and staff management and all other aspects for your club. Youth work also plays a big role. Managers that discover young talents early don’t have to buy expensive stars later on. But in any case managers should always have an eye on the real time transfer market, as a replacement for an injured star might be needed at any time.

Is the medical team really adequate? New fan shop or a modern fast food restaurant? Parking lot or bus stop? Are the sponsors happy? Is the club attractive enough for new fans? Only if you keep every detail in mind, know all the tricks and plan smart without losing sight of the goals can you stand out against the tough competition from the world wide community, and make it into the history books as a true legend.

As the modern coach in today’s world does not only use cones and a whistle, but also a smartphone, the developers offer goalunited LIVE to the managers. With the free smartphone app the club chef can follow the live ticker, analyze the last match report, check on his players’ condition and plan for the next opponents from anywhere. Because as we all know, the next match is always the hardest.The developers of northworks Software GmbH from Hamburg, Germany have been tweaking and improving the management simulation since the start of the goalunited series in 2006 to offer true football fans a realistic challenge with lots of detail. Among others goalunited earned titles at the German Developer awards 2009 as well as the German computer awards 2011.

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