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The gods of the ancient world have chosen you to become the new monarch. Show them that this has been the right decision! Build your own town on a Greek island, find new friends, win the grace of the gods and be part of exciting fights! Experience a special adventure in the ancient world of Greece. More than two million players from all over the world are already fascinated by this fantastic browsergame. Every player is able to manage his own medieval village and to lead it to glory and fame. But be careful, as the monarchs of other villages are always looking for weak opponents!

Build beautiful cities, conspire mighty alliances, use the power of the gods and conquer the world! Plunge into ancient times and take advantage of the former possibilities to gain power, fortune, cities and wide spaces. This is a short description of the free browsergame Grepolis.

After having signed in, you will have to build your own little city in the ancient world. First, you should establish a Senate to plan any further action. You will urgently need raw material such as stone, silver and wood to construct farms, camps, barracks, a surrounding wall, caverns, a harbour, academies, temples or a market place. Therefore you will have to arrange for a consequent decomposition of these raw materials. As soon as your city is self-dependent, you may recruit your first troops to raid and plunder the villages of barbarians or those of your neighbours.

Decide for one divinity, which should protect your city, you may choose Zeus, Athene, Hera or Poseidon. As soon as you have chosen a certain divinity you may use its godly power and build for example mystical unities such as Zentaure, Pegasus, Minotaurus, Mantikor, Zyklop or Hydra. With these unities fighting against other users will be much more fun.

Use your academy to explore important technologies to get for example more advantages when fighting. You may then be in a position to explore for example defensive assault, compulsory military service, democracy or pottery. Each technologie will help your city to grow.

More Features of Grepolis

  • Free to play
  • No client download
  • Browsergame
  • each user starts on an island, together with some other players
  • when playing Grepolis you dont only have to build units and buildings, you will also have to explore new technologies
  • there are marine, mystical and land-based units
  • 35 technologies to explore
  • 21 different buildings
  • 7 different land-based units
  • 7 different marine units
  • 8 different divinities
  • use godly power and choose from Zeus, Athene, Hera or Poseidon to protect your city. Each divinity has different godly forces to help you, such as mystical units
  • dight against other heroes ashore or on the sea
  • build alliances and cooperate with other alliances
  • trade with other users
  • amazing graphics
  • very interesting story
  • Real-Time Strategy Game
  • Ancient Greece
  • Epic strategic battles
  • Various naval and ground forces
  • Huge alliances with other players
  • Different gods with unique powers
  • Numerous buildings and developments
  • more than 6.000.000 registered players

Grepolis is an amazing and free stategy game, where you can discover a lot of things. Grepolis has not been designed to play just for a while, as it is possibe to play online even for a couple of years. Face exciting adventures and strengthen your position as a mayor in an ancient city!

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