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Supremacy 1914

Bytro Labs GmbH
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Powderkeg Europe: Tanks, Battles, Treason! Power obsession and the hunger for resources have brought the continent to the edge of self-destruction. Form powerful alliances, build your economy, and prepare your nation for the war. Lead your men into battle and become the ruler of Europe

Supremacy 1914 – Become the leader of a nation and conquer Europe.

In Supremacy 1914, the player becomes head of a mighty nation in precarious Europe after the turn of the century. He faces the challenge to become the undisputed sovereign leader of the whole continent using smart diplomacy or simply the brute force of his glorious armies.

Audacious combats and the clever development of a prospering infrastructure are the foundation for victory. Yet, absolute power is reserved to the combatant who forms the most intelligent and mightiest alliances.

Supremacy 1914 is a real time strategy game for up to 30 participants. A sophisticated AI ensures fun even in rounds with less than 30 participants. The duration of one round varies between four to eight weeks. You play on a map where units move continuously instead of being listed in tables, like in most browser games.

  • 30 playable nations and intelligent computer-controlled opponents
  • Units move in real-time on a historic map
  • Extensive province upgrading, resource trading, and diplomacy
  • Unique spy features
  • Ranking, badges, and more than 10,000 parallel rounds!

Already more than 340,000 players have registered for this strategy game by Bytro Labs. Strategists can play private rounds with friends or against competitors from all around the world, and this completely free of charge. In 2009 Supremacy 1914 won the Audience-Award in the Browser Game of the Year-election.

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