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Travian: The Conquering hero of Browser games

How do you make a classic even more visually appealing, just plain better, or even more ac-cessible? The browser game Travian is a prime example of how you can improve on even a masterpiece with careful attention to detail.Travian is a genuine phenomenon. What began as a self-written game in 2004 is now enjoyed by millions of players around the world. Now Travian Games has com-pletely revamped this perennial favorite – and packed even more fun into it. “The principle of the game has been tried and tested, and remains popular: The gamer establishes a Roman, Gallic or Germanic village“, as Eckart Foos, Product Director Travian Games explains it. “The goal is to use skill and tactics to develop a tiny, sleepy hamlet into a powerful empire – until a player is the first to build a World Wonder.”

Travian can be played free of charge in any of the well-known browsers, but for a few pieces of gold, premium customers can enjoy additional game features. Those who want to fully savor the different facets of the game will spend around 20 – 30 minutes daily playing it. The real challenges start once the player has spent some time playing: Entering into and maintaining diplomatic relations, negotiating trade cooperations and ensuring that the villages are supplied with enough goods require quite a bit of the gamer’s attention and skill.

Several aspects of Travian have been re-designed, but at the same time great care was taken to update the original while preserving the typical Travian charm. The graphics are not only more detailed, more colorful and varied, but also optimize the game by providing all rel-evant information quickly and clearly. For example, thou-sands of villages run by real players are waiting for action both near your settlement and some distance away. The new multi-zoom map reveals more complex and detailed information; it is easier for the commanding officer to plan pillaging forays or diplomatic missions. The wide-ranging, varied illustrations give the player more feed-back on successfully executed adventures, changes in a village or battle victories.

A new community has also found its way into Travian : The computer-controlled Natar nation defends its lands with raw determination. “The Natars can be vanquished using skill and clever tactics”, says Eckart Foos, “then they produce raw materials for the player. But you also have to keep an eye on the situation, because other players would like nothing more than to capture these villages, too.”

The hero system in Travian has also been completely re-designed. Hundreds of individual challenges and tasks now await the player. Eckart Foos feels that it is an exciting addition, as “the hero can now be customized.

Quest rewards can be equipped on different parts of the hero’s body or sold in the Auction House. That way he can become still more powerful and imposing, and can assert his leadership role.”

Countless minor and major improvements have also been included in Travian – many of the suggestions came out of the unbelievably dedicated community. Thus navi-gation has been reduced to a few clicks; names, races or alliances are now directly visible; attacks can be repeated with a push of a button. Other changes can be experi-enced best simply by playing Travian.

Travian is a building strategy game set in the period of classic antiquity. Gamers take the part of being chief of a village of either Romans, Gauls or Germans. Each nation has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Right after registration, gamers start building their village up from only one main building and few fields for producing ressources. As soon as gamers have erected the first few basic buildings, interaction with other gamers becomes possible. There are alliances to forge, a market place for trading, and wars to be waged with the help of trained units.
he goal of the game is to use the right combination of tactics to make a small village become a mighty empire, and finally build a world wonder level 100, which will ensure you the sought-after victory that round.
While Travian at the beginning can easily be played with an active commitment of only 20 to 30 minutes a day, as the game continues, commitment increases. Diplomatic contacts, trade connections and supplying for villages leads to growing identification with the game. And so, many gamers keep playing for up to a year.

Travian Features:

  • free to play
  • Upgrade your fields and mines to increase your resource production. You will need resources to construct buildings and train soldiers.
  • Construct and expand the buildings in your village. Buildings improve your overall infrastructure, increase your resource production and allow you to research, train and upgrade your troops.
  • View and interact with your surroundings. You can make new friends or new enemies, make use of the nearby oases and observe as your empire grows and becomes stronger.
  • In the beginning your small village will have just one building.
  • There are four different types of resources in Travian: lumber, clay, iron and crop.
  • After taking care of your resource production, you can start the expansion of your village.
  • In TRAVIAN, you are not alone, you interact with thousands of other players in the TRAVIAN world.
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