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Tribal Wars

Browser Game by innogames

Tribal Wars is a free and browser-based strategy online game. You dont have to install a programm on your computer, so that you only need access to the internet to play Tribal Wars.

Tribal Wars is set in the Early Middle Ages as wealthiness and military strength have been very important for the power of a nation or a town. Each player is the mayor of a small village, which he should lead to fortune, power, appreciation and fame. With your support the small village will grow from time to time to become a town. The population will grow as well, production will mount and trade with other players will blossom.

ut not only your own village will grow! There are a lot of other villages all around you, which also aspire to power. Due to this situation you may have to face a lot of fights. You will have to recruit new forces, build defensive fortifications and test new raid technics against wild hordes, as strong axe fighter roam through the nations to plunder towns. Just defeat them as a test to be able to attack other villages and towns later to steal their raw materials and gold.

By and by you will get to know other players to create a tribal, a strong alliance. This way of diplomacy should absolutely be kept, as alliances may offer protection and flourishing trade as long as the own military strength doesnt suffice.

Slowly the own village will become stronger, better units can be trained and the former small village will convert into a powerful metropolis. Be part of it now and just play the free browsergame Tribal Wars.

More Features of Tribal Wars

  • free to play
  • No client download
  • Browsergame
  • Real-Time Classic Strategy MMO
  • Middle Ages
  • Management and creation of an empire
  • Impressive tribes with other players
  • Interaction with friends and foes
  • Sophisticated strategic possibilities
  • Massive multiplayer battles
  • Over 38.000.000 registered players

Tribal Wars is a browser-based game set in the Middle Ages. Every player controls a small village, striving for power and glory. Play it now.

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